Are Siberian Tigers Extinct? – Amur Tiger Extinction

SIBERiAN tigers (Panthera tigris tigris) are not extinct at the moment but they probably will should the poaching, logging and lack of interest from the Russian government continue. According to National Geographic, the Amur tigers are on the rebound in the Russian Far East but despite their recovery signs the tigers are still threatened in many ways and they are likely to go extinct in the next 20 years or so. Currently, amur cats are enlisted as critically endangered as there are 540 individuals breeding in the wild habitat.

Are Siberian Tigers Extinct?

There is a rough frontier region between China and the Sea of Japan known as Russian Far East. It looks like a long claw but it’s the last of the recognized homes for Siberian tigers. Amur tigers are probably te only subspecies that inhabit harsh cold habitats. They were thought to become extinct in the early 1930s as well as in 1990s.

The primary reason for slaughtering Siberian tigers on a massive scale is the increasing Chinese demand for tiger’s bones, skin, and penis. Chinese use tiger’s parts in numerous medicines. The demand is still there however the latest survey claims the tiger has shown significant signs of recovery. It’s a conservation success story,’ the World Wildlife Fund press officer said. ‘

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are siberian tigers extinct
These men were detained by Indian authorities for allegedly trying to sell a tiger skin. PHOTO BY STEVE WINTER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CREATIVE

Not only does the poaching or illegal hunting threaten the survival of amur cats, it’s the lack of prey that renders tiger redundant in their native habitat. Siberian tigers likely eat wild boar, deer, and elk but these animals are shot by hunters each year—forcing tigers to rely on domestic dogs that were never their primary diet. According to reports, tigers eat 148 dogs in one season.

The bottom line is that humans were; humans are, and humans will remain to be the primary cause of Siberian tiger’s extinction if it ever dies out in future.

Are Siberian Tigers Extinct? – Video

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