Do Tigers Live in the Jungle?

Tigers live in the rainforest. There is a difference between the jungle and the forest. The forest is all occupied with dense growth of tall trees while...
are siberian tigers extinct

Are Siberian Tigers Extinct? – Amur Tiger Extinction

SIBERiAN tigers (Panthera tigris tigris) are not extinct at the moment but they probably will should the poaching, logging and lack of interest from the Russian government...
siberian tiger predators

Siberian Tiger Predators – What Eats Siberian Tigers?

SIBERIAN tigers are the apex predators—they are at the top of their food chain. Over the years amur tigers have evolved to occupy their ecological niche. There...
why are siberian tigers endangered

Why are Siberian Tigers Endangered? – Endangered Amur Tigers

OVER the past five decades Siberian tigers have turned out to be less fortunate in that they were hunted illegally on a massive scale; faced forest degradation,...
siberian tiger population

Siberian Tiger Population 2021 – How Many Siberian Tigers are Left in the World

SIBERIAN tigers lost much of their population to poaching, illegal trade and hunting. They were closer to extinction in the eastern part of Russia. According to a...