Do Tigers have Striped Skin?

Yes, tigers have permanent stripes on their skin. Even if you shave a tiger it would still have long vertical stripes. These stripes camouflage tigers in the grasslands and forests so predators can barely notice any tiger coming their way. Similarly, snow leopards also display its stripes on its skin. Zebras, on the other hand, display black skin underneath its black and white stripes.

Do Tigers have Striped Skin?

Cheetahs do not have spots on their tan or skin. The permanent distinctive markings on the tiger’s skin makes them nearly invisible in the grasslands. Unlike lions or hyenas, tigers do not hunt in groups. They are solitary creatures therefore they must camouflage them in order to take on medium-sized mammals. The tiger’s coat isn’t that orange as it is usually depicted in movies. It’s dark brown in color one that blends with the surrounding grass. All these distinctive stripes are unique just like human fingerprints.

subin pumsom / Shutterstock


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