Do Tigers Like Water?

Tigers do not only like water, they love it! In fact, they will only make homes in habitats which are abundant in water. For tigers, there’s no home without water. They are the only big cats that fancy living near water. All other cats such as lions, leopards, jaguar, puma, and cheetah would go as far a distance from water as they possibly can for a simple reason; they just do not know how to swim. Tigers do.

Can Tigers Swim?

Tigers, unlike most other big cats, are supreme swimmers. They will swim often to cool off their bodies because they are diurnal. They are active all day long. A tiger can swim across a 7 km (4.3 mi) wide water body. Tigers can swim as much as 29 km (18 mi) a day. Scientists have also observed tigers hunting in water. However, they will evade predators like crocodiles whilst swimming.


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