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how high can a siberian tiger jump

LIKE its Asian cousins, Siberian tigers are excellent athletes. They can jump high enough to take on a man sitting on an adult elephant. If you’re sitting on top of an adult elephant it means you’re at least well over 10 feet above the ground. As a matter of fact it happened in India when a Bengal tiger mauled a man who was sitting on an elephant and the man lost three fingers. He said he couldn’t have imagined that a 300-pound-animal would leap so effortlessly and reach to a man sitting 4 meters above the ground.

How High Can a Siberian Tiger Jump?

It is therefore logical to assume that Amur tigers, like Bengal cats, can jump up to 12 feet in the air. In December 2007, a female Siberian tiger got out of her enclosure by climbing over the 12 1/2-foot (4-meter) wall and attacked three visitors—unfortunately killing one. The zookeepers do not however know as to why the tiger had mauled visitors. According to them, the visitors may have possibly provoked the female tiger by throwing things at her. Soon after the incident the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) suggested that every enclosure must have a height of 16.4 feet for tigers.

how high can a siberian tiger jump

The leaping abilities of tigers are often understated. Most people including gamekeepers aren’t sure if tigers can really get to the height of 12 feet high possibly due to their huge body size. The strength and the flexibility of tiger’s rear legs help it to lift almost 400-pound flesh at a height of 12 feet.


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