How Much Does a Siberian Tiger Weigh? – Siberian Tiger Weight Facts

SIBERIAN tigers are thought to be the biggest of all tigers but probably not the heaviest. Lately, scientists have been forced to believe that Bengal tigers are slightly heavier than the Amur tigers. In the Russian Far East, tigers find it extremely hard to find prey particularly in heavy snow so they starve 4 to 5 days a week. The heaviest male Siberian tiger (according to Siberian Tiger Project) ever weighed at 454 lbs although the average weight is around 350 lbs. Males are heavier than the females. Let’s see how much do Siberian tigers weigh in the wild.

How Much Does a Siberian Tiger Weigh? – Amur Tiger Weight Facts – Historical Records versus Present Data – How Heavy is a Siberian Tiger

According to the scientists, Amur tigers were heavier forty years ago than they are right now. The reported weight of wild tigers in 1980s estimated at 180 – 306 kg (397 – 675 lb) in males while females weighed only half as much. The average weight of female tigers in 80s recorded at 100–167 kg (220–368 lb).Tiger hunters had killed much bigger Amur tigers.

how much do siberian tigers weighIn 2005 scientists published a report on the body weights of captive as well as wild Siberian tigers. They studied and compared the weights of amur tigers living around 1900s versus those that occurred after 1970s. The report claims that the average male tiger weighs up to 475 lb with the female averaging 303 lb. The typical weight of adult females is estimated at 260 lb in the wild.

There are also some unconfirmed reports suggesting a range of 318 and 384 kg (701 and 847 lb). A few others had also reported Amur tigers as heavy as 899 lb—nearly up to the size of polar bears. However, the sources of these measurements are too dubious to be verified.

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