Male Siberian Tiger – Size, Weight, Aggression, Mortality

Male Siberian tiger is always the biggest. That is to say that the largest Amur tiger ever recorded in the northeast China was a male tiger. Scientists believe that there may be big male tigers out there in the wild much bigger than the one we recorded. No wonder, male tigers can reach the maximum size of 13 pounds and averaging 660 pounds in weight. However, it isn’t clear as to how many male tigers inhabiting the wild habitat.

Male Siberian Tiger Facts

Reports suggest that the mortality rate in male tigers is greater than that of a female. One reason may be that the male cubs leave their mother sooner than the female. They are just so willing to improvise their own hunting methods instead of learning one from their mother. Males reach the maturity at 5 years age and they probably have a smaller lifespan in comparison to the females.

In 1943, a male Siberian tiger was shot in Manchuria (Sungari River). It is thought to be the biggest ever recorded. The specimen could reach the length of 330 cm with a tail adding up to 39 inches. It weighed up to 300 kg (660 lb).

There are some reports that claim much bigger and heavier male tigers in the wild. The weight of these unconfirmed tiger measures up to almost 900 lb (408 kg). Nonetheless, the sources of these reports are too dubious to be trusted.

One of the heaviest specimens or probably the largest individual ever recorded in captivity at 1,025 lb of a male Amur tiger. The name of the tiger was Jaipur.

male siberian tiger
Male Siberian Tiger. PHOTO BY Toshiji Fukuda
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