Siberian Tiger Adaptations – Physical and Behavioral Adaptations

AMUR tigers have got quite many adaptations to challenge the extreme weather of Russia. They possess thick coat—probably the thickest of all cats to survive the deep snows of Siberia. The tiger’s coat allows the cat to walk through the freezing temperature of its habitat. The long whiskers, strong sense of smell and dense shaggy coat literally plays a key role whilst surviving in the Russian Far East.

Siberian Tiger Adaptations – Physical and Behavioral Adaptations

Siberian Tiger Coat and Fur

  • The dense coat becomes bright orange in summer but as the winter sets in, it goes dark brown one that is almost close to black. The background color of the winter pelage is extremely pale. The stripes are brown in color but it generally varies among the individuals.
  • The tigers inhabiting western part of the country appear to show bright colored coat in comparison to the eastern populations. During summer, the Siberian tiger’s coat becomes silkier and softer. The furs of the winter coat are long enough to cover the tiger’s ears.
  • The length of the summer fur is about 15–17 mm (0.59–0.67 in) on the back whereas the fur on the top of the neck measures 30–50 mm (1.2–2.0 in). Similarly the fur on the tiger’s abdomen measures around 25 – 35 mm; on the chest it reaches a length of 60–100 mm (2.4–3.9 in).
  • During winter, the fur on the top of their head reaches a length of 70–110 mm (2.8–4.3 in) that is probably the longest of all furs. The fur on the abdomen is also pretty long measuring at 65–105 mm (2.6–4.1 in).

Siberian Tiger Whiskers and Sense of Smell

  • The Amur tiger’s whiskers are pretty long and so as the hair on top of their head. The stripes of the coat are broader.
  • The length of the whiskers is about 90–115 mm (3.5–4.5 in).
  • Amur tigers have got strong sense of smell.

Siberian Tiger Adaptations – video

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