Siberian Tiger Fun Facts – You Probably Didn’t Know it All!

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siberian tiger facts for kids

SIBERIAN tigers (Panthera tigris altaica) are pantherine cats that contain some of the most impressive carnivores. It is also the biggest of all tigers. Tigers are probably the only carnivores that will occasionally supplement their diet by taking on humans. They have a predominantly tropical distribution however the habitat of the Amur tigers is covered in deep snow in winter. The most recent survey suggests that Siberian tigers are on the rebound perhaps for the first time in history although the population still hangs by the thread. Nonetheless, the tiger is still an endangered species. Let’s get to know some more fun facts about the Siberian tigers.

Siberian Tiger Fun Facts for Kids – The Most Amazing Amur Tiger Information

  • Siberian tiger—the largest land carnivore weighs only one kilogram at birth. The Siberian tiger cubs are born blind and helpless. They will open their eyes after 7 days. Baby tigers have blue eyes.
  • Compared to other tiger subspecies, Amur tigers have got the thickest of the skins one that helps them to survive in the harsh Siberian environment.
  • Siberian tigers are also called Manchurian tiger, Korean tiger, amur tiger, and Ussurian tiger. These are the local names given by the native people where the tiger is found.
  • Like Bengal tigers, the Siberian tiger is also an outstanding swimmer.
  • They are largely found in the Russian Far East.
  • Amur tigers feed on deer, wapiti, and long-tailed goral.
  • It shows dull rusty brown coat in winter whereas the summer coat is slightly brighter.
  • Male Siberian tigers weigh around 397 – 675 lb while females averaging 220 – 368 lb.
  • The female produces 2 to 4 cubs but three are usually most common. Female cubs fancy living with their mother longer than the male cubs. They will achieve maturity after 4 years.
  • They do not have any potential predators in the wild.
  • The total population of amur tigers is only 440 to 530 individuals.

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