Siberian Tiger in Alaska – Are there any Tigers in Alaska?

ALTHOUGH Siberian tigers (Panthera tigris altaica) primarily lives in the eastern Russia with a few individuals found as far as China and North Korea, it appears as if amur tigers are making their way to Alaska—perhaps for the first time. No one would have thought that way if Togiak Refuge hadn’t posted the tiger photo on November 4th, 2016.

Siberian Tiger in Alaska

Togiak Refuge set up a game camera hoping to catch a glimpse of poachers or any possible illegal hunting activity but what they saw was something they never expected—not at least on the tributary of the Togiak River. The camera took the photo of an amur tiger feeding on a dead carcass. Here’s the photo!

siberian tiger alaska

While Siberian tigers generally thrive in harsh cold habitats of Siberia they can breed in Alaska too for the habitat conditions in both locations are nearly the same. However the ideal conditions are in Alaska there is one wrinkle. That is the lack of amur tiger’s primary prey.

Siberian tigers largely eat deer but there are no deer in Alaska are they? Furthermore, Alaska is home to a large number of wolves and wolves are the competitors of tigers. Therefore, it is logical to assume that in Alaska Siberian tigers might just not thrive in a way as they do in eastern Siberia.

Siberian Tiger in Alaska – Video

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