Siberian Tiger Predators – What Eats Siberian Tigers?

SIBERIAN tigers are the apex predators—they are at the top of their food chain. Over the years amur tigers have evolved to occupy their ecological niche. There are almost no Siberian tiger predators in the wild. While adults are pretty safe from any probable threats, young individuals let alone cubs are more likely to be vulnerable to some land mammals. Let’s see what animals prey on amur tigers.

Siberian Tiger Predators – What Eats Amur Tigers in the Wild?

Adult tigers have the ability to take down any prey no matter how big it is. They are the biggest of the cats reaching the size of 13 feet and weighing well over 660 pounds. Humans are probably the only predators of Amur tigers for humans do not only hunt tigers—they’re destroying tiger’s native habitat too. The recent survey nonetheless suggests that the Siberian tigers are on the rebound in Russia.

Although occasionally, Siberian tigers do confront brown bears and the latter can become threats for Amur tiger cubs. The female tiger typically avoids confrontation particularly when it is accompanied by its cubs. No wonder, the tiger will pounce on any animal (even bears) if they are provoked.

siberian tiger predators
Two tiger skins and a taxidermied tiger.

Siberian Tiger Competitors and Enemies

Over the past 60 years Siberian tigers have been increasingly attacking Asian black bears and brown bears in the Russian Far East. Scientists believe that bears do not pose any threat to tigers but they do challenge their competitors. The tiger-bear confrontation is possibly due to the interspecific competition rather than the predator-prey relationship. Therefore, it’d be unwise to say that bears are the predators of Amur tigers.

Scientists have reported as many as four cases in which brown bears attacked female Siberian tiger—killing mother as well as her cubs. Still, scientists are studying the relationship between Siberian tigers and Himalayan bears. Tigers are also known to compete with wolves and the region where tigers’ population is on the decline the wolf’s numbers is growing. Siberian tigers confront wolves in the Sikhote-Alin region.

Siberian Tiger Predators – video

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