Siberian Tiger Scientific Name – Taxonomic Classification

THE scientific name of a Siberian tiger is believed to be Panthera tigris altaica but recent report published by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) suggests that this isn’t true—not anymore at least. The report claims that the scientific name of a Siberian tiger is Panthera tigris tigris which is similar to that of a Bengal tiger. Let us study the taxonomic history of amur tigers so we get to know precisely how many scientific names given to the tiger in the past.

Siberian Tiger Scientific Name – Taxonomic Classification of Amur Tigers

siberian tiger scientific name
Tiger Skeleton

Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish zoologist, was the first person who described the word species. As it turns out, scientists begin to classify tigers into subspecies. Currently we have eight species of tigers.

In 1844, Coenraad Jacob Temminck, a Dutch zoologist gave the description of a present-day amur tiger one that was breeding in the northern Korea as Felis tigris altaica.

Nonetheless modern-day scientists refused to accept subspecies of a tiger in 1999 as many theories that were put forward till then were questioned. One way to describe subspecies of a tiger is to observe its fundamental physical characteristics such as fur, color of the coat, stripe patterns, body size, and the length of the furs.

In 2015, scientists proposed only two subspecies of a tiger that is Panthera tigris sondaica and Panthera tigris tigris. The former inhabits the Greater Sunda Islands whereas the latter is found in the mainland Asia.

Scientists thought that the Caspian tigers and Siberian tigers belonged to the same group that comprised Sumatran, Bali, and Javan tiger and Panther tigris sondaica. Similarly all the remaining subspecies of a tiger are related to P. t. tigris.

But the 2015 report was rejected by the scientists in 2017. The 2017 report is the most recent report one that has revised the names of all felids. According to the report, all tigers that are found in the mainland Asia will be given only one scientific name that is Panthera tigris tigris. Amur tiger is one of them.

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