Siberian Tiger Size – How Big do Amur Tigers Grow?

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siberian tiger size

THE Siberian tiger is the biggest tiger in the world with adults reaching up to 12 feet in length. The largest specimen was shot in Sungari River in 1943. It had the length of 350 cm with the tail adding up to 39 inches. The biggest Amur tiger weighed as much as 300 kg (660 lb). Males are bigger than the females. Nonetheless, the average size of a Siberian tiger is around 10 feet but it’s bigger than the biggest Sumatran tiger.

Siberian Tiger Size – How Big Can a Siberian Tiger Get?

Scientists believe that Siberian tigers were much bigger 30 or 40 years ago than they are at the moment. For instance, the average weight of male tigers had measured at 180 – 306 kg whereas females weighed up to 167 kg. However, hunters had also witnessed unusually larger tigers in 1980s.

Obviously, the captive tigers are larger than those living in the wild. According to research conducted by the American, Russian, and Indian zoologists, Siberian tigers that had lived around the first half of the 20th century were pretty heavier in comparison to those occurred after 1970s. Currently, Siberian tigers are thought to be slightly smaller than Bengal tigers which is probably due to the reduction of prey.

siberian tiger size

Measurements of Siberian Tiger Size – Siberian Tiger Project

The project says that the adult tiger measures around 195 – 208 cm in the overall body length. Adult males are 195 cm long whereas females average 167 cm in length. The length of the tail is about 99 cm in males and 91 cm in females.

The biggest male tiger ever measured in the project is at 309 cm including 101 cm long tail. The largest female measured at 270 cm with the tail averaging 88 cm.


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