Top 9 Siberian Tiger Attacks on Humans

THE Siberian tiger attacks on humans have rarely been reported for the tiger is mostly reclusive and prefers to live far away from human settlements. However, during the 19th century several amur tiger attacks were observed particularly in the Central Asia. Amur tigers are generally never thought to be dangerous for humans because they’ve always avoided confrontation. Tigers will attack you only when you provoke them.

Top 9 Siberian Tiger Attacks on Humans

siberian tiger attacks on humans
The Siberian tiger attacks the female zookeeper in Russian enclosure. PHOTO BY EAST2WESTNEWS
  1. Prominent among the Siberian tiger attacks occurred when it attacked a woman in Syr-Darya. The woman was attacked when she had been collecting firewood. Another incident reported in which a Siberian tiger attacked a military man while he was going through the reed thickets.
  2. In 1867, amur tigers attacked as many as 21 men out of which only 6 survived but they had also suffered some serious injuries. This was happened on the Tsymukha River.
  3. Siberian tigers inhabiting China’s Jilin Province will attack humans even if they are hiding in cabins. They would drag adults out of the cabin. Tigers launch their attack when humans expose their back to them.
  4. Compared to other land carnivores, tigers have occasionally been tagged as man-eater. Wolves and leopards are known to kill more humans in Korea in comparison to amur tigers. During the 20th century Russian authorities reported only 6 incidents in which tiger deliberately attacked humans. However, according to Russian all these six incidents might have possibly provoked tigers in an attempt to capture them.
  5. Two people were attacked in December 1997 when an amur tiger killed and ate them both in the Bikin River valley. Since the tiger had become the man-eater it was shot to death a few days later.
  6. One of the most recent occurred in January 2002 when a tiger attacked a man near Hunchun (Jilin Province). The man survived but he had worst fractures. Tigers are most likely to take on poachers because poachers provoke them in the first place.
  7. In December 2007, a captive amur tiger mauled visitors (in San Francisco zoo) as it managed to climb up the 12.5-feet-wall. The tiger killed one visitor leaving other two badly injured. Later, the police shot the tiger.
  8. The most recent incident occurred in September 2013, when another captive Siberian tiger killed a zookeeper because the latter forgot to lock the tiger’s cage before feeding it. It happened in the western Germany.
  9. “This is not a kind of an animal that just jumps on a man. Tigers are incredibly cautious, they have to be seriously provoked to attack,” Pankratov, a wildlife expert said.

Siberian Tiger Attacks on Humans – Video

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