What does a Tiger Look Like? Physical Description

Tigers mostly display reddish orange to tan colored body with prominent vertical stripes. These stripes are unique to every tiger just like our human fingerprints. No two tigers have exactly the same vertical stripes even within the same family. They do not look like any other cat species for tigers are the biggest and the strongest of the cat family.

What does a Tiger Look Like?

The stripes on the tiger’s skin camouflage them against their prey so they can afford to take on other mammals in grasslands and forests. Tigers do not hunt in groups, they rely on stealth hunting therefore, these stripes play a significant role in making them disappear in the woods. Sometimes, even a human eye cannot see if there is a tiger nearby.

Tigers have strong dagger-like canine teeth, heavily padded paws and sharp claws all of which qualifies them as an apex predator of the forest. A tiger can reach a length of 10 feet with 3-foot-long tail.

They have permanent stripes on their skin. Unlike any other cat, tigers are outstanding swimmers. This is why tigers fancy making habitats where water is abundant. The Siberian tiger is the world’s biggest cat.

Rüdiger Katterwe / EyeEm / Getty Images


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