What is the Biggest Tiger in the World?

THE Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) is unarguably the world’s biggest and heaviest of all tigers. They are also called amur tigers. The largest Siberian tiger can reach the length of 13 feet and weighs well over 600 pounds—nearly the size of a polar bear. Bengal tigers are the second largest tigers in the world. Although some of the Bengal tigers are bigger than Siberian cats but the world record of the biggest tiger still goes to the latter.

Sumatran tigers are the smallest tigers in the world averaging 310 pounds in weight only. The female Amur tiger is even bigger than the biggest Sumatran tiger with the weight of 340 pounds. Amur cats are only moderately bigger than the Bengal tigers. Unlike any other tiger, Siberian tiger has the longest furs on their coat and it is the only tiger subspecies that thrives in the deep snow of northern Siberia.

I'm excited to share with you my passion for these elusive yet majestic creatures dwelling on earth. This richly illustrated work brings me close to Russia's iconic big cat, so I could explore as to how it lives and how it interacts with others of its own kind.


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